Hands Through

The Imago Mundi Scotland 

The Imago Mundi is a cultural, democratic and global project that looks to the new frontiers of art in the name of coexistence of expressive diversity.

The social ambition of Imago Mundi is to promote a knowledge and awareness of art and, through this art, of the world. The numerous collections will be taken on a tour without frontiers to present them to the widest possible number of people, together through this web platform, catalogues and exhibitions in collaboration with private institutions, international organizations and public museums. More informations on www.imagomundiart.com

Hands Through

We are all the same, we know that, but very often we forget the meaning behind this sentence. It is a simple but powerful principle, that if constantly applied to our lives could help us to develop and sustain a non judgemental approach towards every human being.

The surface of the board has been completely covered by a collage of photos showing several marks of painted hands. People from different countries (Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Japan) and life stories have been actively engaged in the process, and had the chance to contribute to the creation of the piece. The participatory process wants to generate a sense of possibility within the participants. It is a call to their creative side, and a chance to perceive themselves and the art world in a different way.

Mixed Media – Photo Collage on MDF Board, Clear Acrylic Sheet, Glue, Acrylic Paint (2017)

By looking at the hands marks, nobody would be able to guess the nationality of the participants, their background or social status. The audience will see only hands that belong to human beings, and will automatically feel some connection with them. That common ground should be the first thing that we see in a person, as all the rest has been only determined by the construct of the social and political reality.

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