New Series of Healing Art Paintings  (2021 – 2022) 

Original paintings, prints and commissions are available. The artwork can be created on canvas or paper, depending on your requirements. I normally work with acrylic paint but could also incorporate oil pastels, and earth pigments. The size of the artwork can vary, starting from A5 till A1 and above.

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Light Essence (cacao ceremony series)

Acrylic Paint on Canvas (2021) approx.40 x 40cm

Blue Wings (cacao ceremony series)

Acrylic Paint on Canvas (2021) approx. 40 x 40cm

Love Goddess (cacao ceremony  series)

Acrylic Paint on Canvas (2019) 50 x 50cm

Healing Paintings Series (2018-2020)

Healing paintings are the result of a deep meditative process where I work with energy and intentions, and allow beautiful colours and abstract shapes to freely flow onto the canvas. The paint is poured directly onto the surface underneath, slowly allowing the subject to reveal itself. It is a very interesting practice to develop trust within the process, let go of control and surrender to the flow of life. 

Inner Sun (Healing Paintings Series)

Acrylic Paint on Canvas (2019) 50 x 50cm

Elise Guietti_Inner Sun, Acrylic paint on canvas 50 x 50 cm

Green Lights (Healing Paintings Series)

Acrylic Paint on Canvas (2018) 60 x 75cm


Blue Flow (Healing Paintings Series)

Mixed Media: Collage on Canvas, Acrylic Paint (2018) 30 x 55cm

2 blue flow
Home Lights (Healing Paintings Series)

Acrylic Paint on Canvas (2018) 50 x 50 cm


Planetary Healing (Healing Paintings Series)

Acrylic Paint on Round Canvas (2018) 40 cm



Spirit of Nature – Nature is You Art Project

Mixed Media on Paper (2020) 140 x 180cm

While creating this painting, I had the chance to explore my connection with Mother Nature a bit further. Through the creative process, I discovered within myself the forces of the natural world more than ever before. Nature is energy, unity, wilderness, nourishment, love. Nature is everything. The natural world contains the essence of life and makes it visible to our physical eyes.



I am I do

Mixed Media – Collage on Canvas, Acrylic Paint (2017) 40 x 40 cm

This work aimed to explore the concept of identity, and the difference between being and doing.

The words we use to define our person are very important tools. They have the power to influence our mind and therefore to shape the reality we live and experience every day.

Our inner self can expand or shrink where “necessary”, and we are responsible for it.

As a society, we tend to label everything and everyone, so that we feel in control. A common way to introduce ourselves is to define our being through the job that we do, in fact, we are using our jobs to define ourselves. We are using all the things that we do to define who we are.

Every word creates a pattern in the mind that often turns into reality. The things that we do become our identity, although very often they are simply the result of our internal beliefs system.

Through my personal experience as an artist, I realized how limiting this inner identification can be. My intention is to create a moment of reflection within the audience, who are invited to embrace and seek the experience of true freedom.


Eyes Open 

Mixed Media – Collage on Canvas, Acrylic Paint (2016) 135 x 100 cm

My work aimed to act as memory and wanted to remind the situation of thousands of people that every day arrives in Italy or Greece, escaping the war and looking for a better place to live. Particularly touched by independent documentaries showing the condition of emergency that those people are facing every day, I felt the need to create this work. The surface of the canvas has been entirely covered by photos showing the situation. The colours used want to evoke the sea, the sand, the boats, and the life jackets, simple things that can become a symbol of tragedy.

My intention was to create a moment of silence and personal reflection within the audience. It is important to remember that migration is always related to the need for change and that we are all connected by the same needs and the same energy.

Eyes Open has been included in the exhibitions Crux and Across the Mediterranean, part of the Syn Festival 2016.



Action1: Spirituality – Action2: Nature

Mixed Media – Collage on Canvas, Acrylic Paint (2015) 60 x 75 cm

These paintings represent the starting point of my research about the transmuting role of art and creativity as a catalyst for change.

The abstract subject of the paintings aims to encourage people to use their imagination and to speculate about the role of art and the artist. The surface of the paintings, covered by a collage of newspapers represents our society whilst the act of painting on them is intended to generate a sense of consciousness and action. The titles of the work also suggest some positive “tools” or “actions”, that could provide a nurturing space for our personal wellbeing.

The paintings have been included in Discover Urban Art , an exhibition about the challenges of a modern society that took place in Gayfield Gallery in 2015.


7 action1-spirituality