Community Art

Creativeflow (2018-2019)

Director & Facilitator – Art, Meditation Classes and Therapies

Creativeflow provides a safe and positive space for exploration, free expression and healing. The project aims to foster people’s creativity, reconnecting them with their true authentic self and bringing them back into the natural flow. Art and meditation are powerful tools for healing and transformation, and together offer a wonderful way to bring our full awareness into the present moment. Collaborations include the Reiki school Healing Hands, Invisible Caims, Real Talk, Edinburgh Palette and The Hand Made Factory.



The Alma Project (2015-2019)

Community Art Worker – Art & Craft activities for vulnerable adults

The Alma Project is a Charity that aims to improve the mental health and well-being of the community through the use of the arts as a therapeutic tool. Activities include experimental and traditional art techniques such as painting, drawing, clay modeling, printing, bookbinding, and puppet making.



Social Art Edinburgh (2016-2019) The project has now been incorporated in Creativeflow

Director & Facilitator – Social art events for adults

The events provide creative opportunities for the community and aim to make art more accessible to everyone. Art creates a connection with our inner self and helps us to develop consciousness and happiness. Therefore everyone can benefit from being creative! The events are normally planned in unusual locations, like cafes, festivals, and galleries. They can include different art materials, experimental and traditional art techniques.

Experimenting with art in a friendly and positive environment allow people to experience the creative process and their natural capacity to create.

Social Art Edinburgh changed and transformed through the years, and has now been incorporated into the Creativeflow project.



Fairy Tales & Seasons  (2017 – 2019)

Art Tutor – Art & craft activities for children

Creative workshops developed for Girotondo Italian Children’s Club, a community group based in Edinburgh.

Projects include Fairy Tales & Seasons, a year programme that aims to explore Italian and Scottish traditions through the arts.  A lovely group of bilingual children, aged 4-12, have discovered and explored Italian stories, poems, songs and traditions connected to the four seasons, placing them in relation to Scottish traditions and stories related to the same theme. They have learned about their heritage in a way that is immediately related to the seasons changing around them, comparing their experiences with the wider national tradition of the country in which they are growing up. They have explored how Italian traditions are changed by living in Scotland, reflected on how heritage is enlivened by migration and discovered how Italian heritage enriched the Scottish communities we live in.

The project has been funded by The Heritage Lottery Funding. A final event and exhibition have been hosted at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in March 2018.



Artist in Residence at Abbeyhill Primary School (2016)

Co-Lead Artist

Creative workshops developed for the artists in residence programme at Abbeyhill Primary School. The main purpose of the workshops was to highlight the importance of art for the wellbeing of the community.

The children had the opportunity to explore the connection between colours and feelings, and to express their emotions through art. They had the chance to explore their creativity, and to interact with each other, by creating a series of big paintings all together. Additionally, they have been encouraged to create their own special place in the community and had the chance to build little houses with willow and cardboard.

Curated by Iliyana Netkova, the project was also in partnership with The Alma Project and Awards for All Scotland. The final work, Willow Village, have been showcased during the Colony of Artists Festival 2016.