My name is Elisa, or Elise, and I am a freelance visual artist and holistic therapist based in Edinburgh. I studied Fine Arts in my hometown of Turin and further developed my artistic practice in the Uk, where I have lived for the past eight years. I believe that art is an invaluable instrument of expression and communication that can really make a difference in people’s lives. I do private and public commissions and collaborate with several organisations in the delivery of art activities for children and vulnerable adults. Past and recent collaborations include Wild in Art, Roshni, Leonard Cheshire Disability, and The Alma Project.

Through my personal experiences, I discovered how powerful and transformative the creative process can be. I believe that creativity is directly connected to our internal source of energy and can help us to explore our identity, our emotions and the world that surrounds us. I am particularly interested in developing projects and activities that can have a positive impact on the community and can encourage people to connect more with their creative side. Through the Creativeflow project, I  run art classes and creative workshops that often combine intuitive painting with meditation and energy healing.

In the past few years, my contemporary practice focused on the relation between art and society, with particular attention on the artist’s role and condition. Migration and social justice also played an important part in my artistic research, as well as the healing component of the creative process. Using collage and acrylic paint, my work often addresses social and cultural issues, with the aim of generating new perspectives and a strong sense of awareness within the audience. Currently, I am working on a series of paintings that are exploring the concept of identity and I am researching alternative ways to actively involve the audience within the creative process. I also create healing paintings and work with energies and intentions. Through this practice, I allow colours and abstract shapes to flow onto the canvas and create a unique painting.

My main focus as an artist is to connect people with their inner truth and generate awareness, understanding, and a sense of possibility. Whether I create children illustrations, abstract paintings, or I facilitate an art class my core principles remain the same. The purpose behind my work is always deeply related to a process of awakening and healing.

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